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85 Sheddsville Rd.  Brownsville, VT 05037

We’re committed to excellence in Horsemanship
Welcome to Delaney Stables
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Located in the heart of VT horse country, you are warmly welcomed into this beautifully designed horse centered community. Weather its riding lessons for you or the kids, or training for your horse, you will find a custom program to fit your needs, develop your skills, and promote the well being of your horse.
Laura Bergstresser, mother and active Hartland community member has this to say about Delaney Stables:

"Jill Delaney has been teaching my children horsemanship for years; my daughter is in her sixth year of instruction and my son is in his second. Jill's ability to inspire them by presenting them with exactly the skills that they are ready to learn has kept them challenged, actively engaged, and progressing in their capabilities. She seeks their input in setting specific goals for what they want to accomplish, and helps them work to achieve those ends.

Over the years, I've seen my children interact with many coaches and teachers. Jill stands out in her ability to be clear with my children - and with me - about her expectations and the skills she is teaching. Not everyone who is good at something is able to teach others to succeed, but Jill can - and does - do both exceptionally well.

In the end, my children haven't just learned to ride horses, they have learned care and respect for the animals, they have gained confidence and physical strength, and learned perseverance and the joy of accomplishment from someone who won't let them cut corners with the animals, the equipment, or in the ring."