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About Us
Delaney Stables is a 17-stall barn with a beautiful indoor arena. Located in West Windsor, Vermont, this hillside facility provides space where horses and riders receive training tailored to meet their specific needs. Jill designed and built Delaney Stables in 2004, and has operated out of this facility ever since.​

Leigh Callahan, a grandparent from Cornish NH, has this to say about Jill's program:

     "My young grand daughters have been taking riding lessons at Delaney Stables for several years. From the very
     beginning, they were welcomed and made to feel part of the stable environment, learning the basic skills of currying,
     tacking up the pony, and riding. Jill’s excellent and upbeat instruction is especially effective with children, but I’ve
     spoken with adult students who are equally pleased. Jill is sensitive to her students’ moods on any particular day,
     and effectively focuses their attention on the lesson at hand. The girls have learned to be responsible for a 1,000
     pound animal, and to control and appreciate the ponies they ride. In the process, they have developed confidence
     and respect. At this point, our grand daughters are gleefully cantering around the arena, and controlling their
     ponies with increasing skill. I highly recommend Jill Delaney and Delaney Stables for anyone seeking equestrian