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Lessons - offered all year in our beautiful Indoor Arena
WELCOME to the lesson program for Delaney Stables. We are delighted that you're interested in allowing us to help you with your equine dreams.

We offer a lot of diversity for the person just starting to get acquainted with horses to the more advanced rider looking for help with a horse of their own. Our experienced staff is able to include all ages of children and adults. We offer the best trained school horses in the area. 

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Julie Burchstead, an adult rider from Springfield VT, has this to say about Jill's program:

"Jill literally got me back in the saddle. After a bad riding accident, my heart so needed to reconnect with horses, but my body and confidence had both been shattered. The bones had healed, but I barely had the strength to throw my leg over a horse’s back. Fear had me clamping into a rigid crab’s pose at the slightest loss of balance. Somehow, Jill found something that first day to build on, as she did the next lesson, and the next, and the next. She paired me with her solid, honest, school ponies. She kept me moving through my fear. As my body has slowly healed and my strength and confidence gradually return, she continues to scaffold each step forward with skill, and a masterful sense of timing, anticipating when I need kind support or a no-nonsense nudge. I am beginning to find my way again in an avocation I love with all my heart, but was uncertain I could continue. There are many horse people out in the world. But Jill is a truly gifted and intuitive teacher. Horse centered, student centered, I cannot recommend her more highly."