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WELCOME to the training 
program for Delaney 
Stables. This program 
offers a lot of diversity. 

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Green horses are started on the lunge then introduced to long-lining. This training sets them 
up nicely to learn how 
to ride, drive, or both. 

From here, your horse can specialize in one discipline or continue 
to cross-train.There 
are different programs designed to fit your 
goals and custom tailoring is highly encouraged. 

Please call for more information.
Julie Lyford of Hartford, VT has this to say about Jill’s training program:

"Having not ridden seriously in years and still owning a young horse inherited from my daughters Eventing days that had developed some bad habits, I hired Jill for some retraining and pointing me in a positive direction. In this time, Jill has developed my riding skills from some quite unskillful uses of my basic aids to much deeper, more tactful application of my aids on top of a much better understanding of why classic training methods work. Together with both of us riding my horse she has pushed both myself and the horse thru the most annoying of his bad habits and progressed his work immensely. Jill is direct but fair in what she asks from both rider and horse and never asks for anymore then either is in the position to give on any given day. I would highly recommend anyone looking to forward themselves with their riding skills or obtaining certain goals with a horse to give Jill a try."