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Delaney Stables
85 Sheddsville Rd
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Alexandra Bemis, who recently graduated fro Tufts veterinary school, has this to say about Jill's program:

Jill Delaney is hands down the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. I am unable to see her regularly as I live out of state, but when I do, I always leave with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on my face. I love that Jill places an emphasis on education and your relationship with your horse; your lesson starts the moment you walk in the barn. The school horses are some of my favorites (so much that I leased one for a year!) as they are well- trained, well-mannered, and great with riders of all levels. Jill never just tells you what to do when you ride, but also explains the how and the why. She never stops instructing during lessons and when I ride on my own, hers is the voice I hear in my head. I started riding with Jill when I was 11 years old, and my lessons have grown with me so that I am always moving forward and creating new standards for myself. Walking into Delaney Stables feels like coming home to me. I could not recommend Jill more highly to anyone who wants to further their abilities, get back on a horse, or try riding for the first time.